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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bitten by licensing

Darn it. How could I have ever managed to miss that the open source version of ICE was GPL? I really don't know what I'm gonna do now - I don't have time to rewrite this code. I also don't want to rewrite, as my other alternatives - CORBA, RMI and sockets - are way inferior.

Well, I think I understand why they chose GPL as their open source license. Using GPL is the perfect way of separating proprietary and free worlds - if you want to be proprietary, you have to pay the fee. If you can be completely open source, however, you can use ICE freely as well.

The problem is that EPL is somewhere in between: it is an open source license, but it allows you to create proprietary derivative work. This means that future work may not be completely open source - and the Eclipse Foundation wants that, that's what makes Eclipse an attractive platform for many developers. But that's clearly not what the ICE guys want.

Oh well. I'm stuck until I solve this.


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